Beedrill – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide


Beedrill – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

How GOOD was Beedrill ACTUALLY? – History of Beedrill in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 1-7)

Beedrill is this week’s Pokemon for our competitive history series! Join False Swipe Gaming in this brief overview of Beedrill in competitive Pokemon!

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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – RBY/Gen 1
2:22 – GSC/Gen 2
3:07 – ADV/Gen 3
3:53 – DPP/Gen 4
4:56 – BW/Gen 5
5:26 – XY/Gen 6
7:17 – SM/Gen 7
8:12 – VGC Gen 7
9:15 – Outro

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Notice I said POPULAR formats, meaning a format where there is a significant amount of people who compete in it for tournaments and so on and so forth. Now Popular does not mean official even though two of the formats I will be covering were official formats being Japan Nintendo Cup and VGC, but it is an indicator of what a good portion of competitive players thought was “optimal” at the time. Also sometimes the Pokemon Battle Historia doesn’t provide enough information to talk about certain Pokemon so I add Smogon analysis to make sense of it. This is pretty rare though.

To the people asking why I don’t cover Smogon Singles for Gens 1 and 2: It wouldn’t really be a history video if I covered those because online Smogon gen 1 meta to my knowledge wasn’t actually played until late 2000s. I wanted to cover tournaments/competitive battling that was actually played during the early years of Pokemon (late 90s).

To the people asking why I cover Smogon at all for singles: To my knowledge, Smogon was the most popular format for Gens 3-5 and held a number of tournaments throughout the years. As for Gen 6, I am not covering Battle Spot Singles because there is more information and explanations about sets being used relative to their own meta on Smogon. In other words, there are few written analyses about Battle Spot Pokemon besides the Top tiers and I would like to avoid theorycrafting because it may have a hint of bias (though I theorycraft if I REALLY couldn’t find information on a certain Pokemon). The keyword here is explanations. Though I did find statistics of most Pokemon used and most moves used, there wasn’t really any explanations on why. Also the few Pokemon I did find analysis of for Top Tier Battle Spot Singles had very similar move sets to the Smogon OU sets anyway.

For the record, I do not care what rules or formats people play their battles by nor am I saying these formats are the only formats that should be played. The way you play Pokemon is between you and your opponent and I will not fault you for using evasion or whatever, I just like examining popular tournament formats.

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Pokemon Red/Blue Walkthrough 1: Beedrill vs Rival at Silph Co.

Kid Kingdom TV fires up Pokemon Red on the GameBoy Color (connected via N64 Transfer Pack) and it’s time to battle our rival at Silph Co…only using Beedrill (Marshal’s favorite bug-type pokemon)!
So 1 pokemon vs 5 pokemon. Who will win?!
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How To Beat Weedle, Kakuna, & Beedrill Master Trainers Guide!

Learn Master Trainer Locations and how to beat the Weedle, Kakuna, & Beedrill Master Trainers in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee on Nintendo Switch with minimal candy investment.
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Welcome to my Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee Master Trainer Playlist! In this series, we’ll be on the road to “Grand Master” Title by taking on all 153 Pokemon Master Trainers in the game. Each Master Trainer will fight you in a no-item, one-on-one battle, with their special Pokemon, and you have to battle them with the same Pokemon! I’ll be showcasing what types of Pokemon you can bring and how much investment you’ll need in order to replicate the strategy. When possible, I’ll be focusing on leveling up to 98-100, without using any Candy or beneficial nature. If you’d like to see more of these episodes, be sure to �� and ring the bell (��) to turn on notifications!

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About Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Take your Pokémon™ journey to the Kanto region with your energetic partner, Pikachu, to become a top Pokémon Trainer as you battle other trainers. Use a throwing motion to catch Pokémon in the wild with either one Joy-Con™ controller or Poké Ball™ Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate, and make sounds to bring your adventure to life. Share your adventure with family or friends in 2-player action on one system using a second Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus (sold separately). You can even connect to the Pokémon™ GO app using a compatible smartphone to bring over Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region! Explore the diverse and vibrant region of Kanto! True-to-size wild Pokémon roam around in the game, so catch them like a real Pokémon Trainer by using motion, timing, and a well-placed Poké Ball™. Go on a stroll with your favorite Pokémon in your Poké Ball Plus! Connect your game directly to Pokémon GO to receive Kanto region Pokémon.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Nov 16, 2018
No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous
Category: Adventure, Role-Playing, Multiplayer
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: GAME FREAK Inc.

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Pokemon Red Blue & Yellow | How to get #015 Beedrill

Pokemon Red Blue & Yellow | How to get #015 Beedrill
#015 Beedrill Location in Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow