CC Group – Final Fantasy VIII Guide


CC Group – Final Fantasy VIII Guide

Rewards: GF Report, Leviathan Card. Carbuncle Card, Gilgamesh

FF8 CC GROUP members Card Club LOCATION 2021|| Side Quest

FF8 Side Quest Card Battle where you can get the RARE CARD LEVIATHAN, CARBUNCLE and GILGAMESH…

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Final fantasy 8 bonus video finding and beating the CC group

This part is just playing tripe triad with a bunch of people but it’s worth it MUCH later on in the game you also get a few rare cards for your trouble!!

Just follow my instructions to the letter and you will be just fine!

PS:Next time we explore the world with our mobile garden and do other side quests!!

Final fantasy 8 100% walkthrough part 21 (C.C. Group)

Final fantasy 8, side quest, Carbuncle card, Leviathan card, Gilgamesh card

Get the unique Carbuncle Card in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered – CC Group Quest Part 3

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered PLATINUM Walkthrough with Simon


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We continue the CC Group Quest in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered today with our next card battle. Heart can be engaged in a card game once we have defeated Spade and Balamb garden has unrooted. Don’t forget to win the powerful and unique Carbuncle card!

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