Live A Live Review

Live A Live Review

Live A Live is a fascinating JRPG time machine that’s getting its dues at last thanks to a remake that brings out the best in its seven stories, strong combat, and unusual structure.

Live A Live | REVIEW

Live A Live, another jrpg on the Nintendo Switch. I’m telling ya the Nintendo Switch is a home to all JRPGs. Live A Live is a classic, originally Japan only finally made it’s way to the west. In the Live A Live review I cover the story, and gameplay and more. Thank you for watching my review of Live A Live! If you’re a sucker for jrpgs, there is no reason not to pick up Live A Live on the Nintendo Switch!

” A classic RPG reborn in HD-2D for its worldwide debut

This storied RPG by director Takashi Tokita, known for his work on CHRONO TRIGGER and FINAL FANTASY IV, has been revitalized in the stunning HD-2D visual style and is releasing outside of Japan for the first time. Each story is set to a rearranged version of the original soundtrack overseen by KINGDOM HEARTS series and FINAL FANTASY XV composer, Yoko Shimomura.

Many heroic stories unfold across time periods in this RPG classic

Begin the tale with seven different stories featuring diverse protagonists, time periods, and gameplay styles. Experience them in any order you choose—the adventure is yours to control. In The Wild West, a wanderer with a bounty on his head fights for his life. In the Twilight of Edo Japan, a shinobi undertakes a secret mission. Unravel a legend that crosses eras and reveal how these unlikely heroes are connected. ”

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Live A Live Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

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Live A Live will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 22nd, but you can try the game now with a free demo on the eShop!

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